Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Change Is Good!

We seem to be in a period of transition currently, the transition between seasons!  The calendar says it is spring however there have been a few days in the past few weeks where it might have been difficult to believe it, either because the weather was too cold or far too warm.   Regardless of what temperature the thermometer reads or what the wind chill is, the sun has certainly been gracing us with her presence.  While it might feel good on your skin, by now we all know the harmful effects it can have.  Regardless of the season, UV is invisible and present in the rays of the sun all year long and can do irreversible damage to your skin as well as your eyes (we've been over this before)!   Did you know that Transition lenses block 100% of invisible UVA and UVB rays?

Transition lenses are lenses that change color or vary in darkness from one environment to another.  The more classic version of transition lenses are clear when worn indoors and gradually change to a tinted lens for added protection when outdoors.  This change in this lens is triggered by UV and helps to protect your eyes from strain, fatigue and UV exposure when outdoors.

Recently the staff of Complete Family Eyecare sat down with the folks from Transitions and had a very informative training session on the new products they have available so we are better prepared to discuss what transition product might be best for you and your loved ones.  The new products they have introduced are very exciting and we are proud to offer them to our patients. Transition lenses are now available in four different styles to better serve the various needs of each patient.  Stop by Complete Family Eyecare or visit to learn more about Transitions Adaptive, Transitions Vantage, Transitions XTRActive and Transitions DriveWear lenses.

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