Friday, April 12, 2013

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We have discussed the importance of protecting your eyes, perhaps at nausea but we do this and will continue to do it because the fact is, it is that important!   Earlier this month you might have read our post about the importance of eye protection for children (if not, it’s never too late), especially those who are active in sporting activities. Now we are going to continue that discussion but switching tracks slightly.  We are going to discuss the significance of women’s eye health and how you as a woman might take the steps to protect yourself and your eyes from becoming a part of the staggering statistics. 

The Stats…

Worldwide: “Two-thirds of both blind and visually impaired people are women.”

In the US:  “Of the 3.4 million Americans suffering from visual impairment, about 2.3 million are women.” (That’s almost 70 percent!)
Source: Women's Eye Health Organization

The truth of the matter is women are more susceptible to eye infections as well as visual impairment.  You might be asking why?  Well there are several factors at play which we will discuss shortly but the good news is you are not powerless!  Educate yourself on the symptoms to watch out for and risk factors (age, smoking, poor nutrition, obesity, exposure to UV rays, etc…) and make sure you see your optometrist for a comprehensive exam annually.  Annual visits with your optometrist are the best way to ensure early detection of conditions that are known to decrease your visual acuity (that is fancy medical jargon for how well you see).

So again, in typical two year old fashion we ask why!  Why are women more susceptible to eye infections?   You may not know that makeup is often times linked to eye infections; in fact the most common eye injury caused by cosmetics is a result of the ever dangerous mascara wand.  In case you need another reason NOT to apply makeup in the car (aside from the safety of yourself and your fellow drivers), obey this rule for the sake of your eyes!  Makeup has also been known to cause clogged oil glands which can result in chalazions. A chalazion is typically a painless hard bump commonly mistaken for a stye, chalazions can be treated with warm compresses, antibiotics, steroids and even occasionally require surgical removal if other treatments are not successful. 

Okay so now you want to know why women are more susceptible to visual impairment.  The sum of it is, many of the conditions of the eye that lead to visual impairment are linked with aging and women generally live longer than men thus they experience a higher rate of age-related conditions such as macular degeneration (for more info on age-related macular degeneration check out our previous post) , dry eye syndrome, glaucoma and cataracts.  

To review, protecting your eyes against injuries, infections and preventable visual impairment is just as important as protecting the eyes of our youth; after all you need your eyes to watch them grow and blossom into the amazing adults you know they will someday be! 

Help us spread the word; encourage the women in your life to schedule an annual eye exam and share this message with every grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin, daughter and mother you know!

Visit anytime to learn more about our state-of-the-art practice as well as various conditions of the eye.

Source: Visit for more information on Women's Eye Health 

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