Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Astigma what?

Astigmatism, while the word itself sounds a little scary, it’s nothing to panic about!  

If you or your loved one has recently been diagnosed with an astigmatism please rest assure it is a very common condition and is typically easily corrected with glasses or contacts.  In fact many people have very mild astigmatisms that do not even require correction.  An astigmatism can result in blurry vision both near and far due to an irregular shaped cornea or sometimes the curvature of the lens in your eye.   The cornea which is typically oval in shape is more oblong and resembles the shape of a football when an astigmatism is present.  Regardless of the cause of your astigmatism not to worry, the only pain it causes might be in your neck because of the blurry vision it can cause!

It is a common misunderstanding that you can not wear contacts if you have an astigmatism, this is far from true!  AllAboutVision has a great Q & A section about wearing contacts with an astigmatism, check it out. 

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