Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dr. Lori Gray, Honored By State Association

Dr. Lori Gray, doctor of optometry at Complete Eye Care, 1806 Swamp Pike, Gilbertsville, was awarded the George Gottschalk, Jr. Memorial Award by the Pennsylvania Optometric Association (POA) during its Annual Spring Congress held recently in Lancaster, Pa. The award, bestowed by the POA Board of Directors, is presented to a committee chair who demonstrates outstanding leadership. Dr. Gray was also re-elected as a trustee on POA’s 2014 Board of Directors at the same meeting. She is currently serving her in her first year as trustee on POA’s Board.

Dr. Lori Gray was the chairperson of the Diabetic Task Force for 2012 and led the committee in the creation and implementation of a new educational poster which will be displayed in optometrists’ offices throughout the state of Pennsylvania. The objective of the poster is to increase awareness of the importance of annual eye examinations with dilations for diabetic patients. The poster is part of POA’s ongoing campaign to provide the highest level of quality diabetic eye care and increase communications between diabetic patients and their entire health care team. Diabetes is a disease that affects more than 25 million children and adults in the United States and is the leading cause of new cases of blindness for adults from 20 to 74 years of age*. Since there are no early symptoms of diabetic retinopathy, (the most common diabetic eye disease) regular dilated eye exams by an eye care professional are the best way to see the early signs of this potentially devastating ocular disease in diabetic patients.  Surrounded by fellow members of the POA, friends and family; Dr. Gray graciously accepted the award and acknowledged the poster was a collective effort of many individuals devoted to improving patient care for those who are living with diabetes.

“It has been very rewarding to be a part of such an important project that brings attention to a sight threatening condition like Diabetic Eye Disease.  We know that early diagnosis is the best line of defense against this condition which is why promoting awareness in our communities is a priority for me as well as my peers.” ~ Dr. Lori Gray, OD

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