Thursday, August 29, 2013

Seeing Is Believing...

Or so that is how the old saying goes anyway, we would like to argue that and say seeing is so much more!  Seeing is a critical component of so many of our lives, those of us that our fortunate to have the gift of sight that is. I think you would agree your sight is priceless!

According to the World Health Organization 285 million people are visual impaired worldwide, that is a staggering number.  The good news is, many of these people are visual impaired due to uncorrected refractive errors that can be easily remedied with a pair of glasses.  Most of these people live in developing countries and do not have access to glasses so Complete Family Eyecare has been proudly accepting donations of old and used glasses to help serve these individuals.

Without any promotion of an official glasses drive, thanks entirely to our generous and thoughtful patients, we have collected and donated around 500 pairs of used glasses since we opened 5 years ago. What we have accomplished so far is a great start but we got to thinking, how many more people could we help if we started promoting a glasses drive!  We are excited to work with the Boyertown Lions Club and we hope with your help we will be able to collect and donate 100 more before the years end.

Dr. James Tribbett, president of the Boyertown Lyons club kindly stopped by our office today to pick up the donation.
Pictured: Local optometrists (left to right) Dr. Jennifer Zerfass, Dr. James Tribbett and Dr. Vishal Patel 

We know it sounds like a lot but we think we can do it, with your help of course. So, if you have old glasses lying around just collecting dust, please drop them by our office the next time you’re in the area or in for an appointment!  If you want to do one better, tell your friends, family and neighbors about the drive and see how many you can collect!

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